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some basic knowledge about PCB

I saw some basic knowledge about PCB, today I summarized it and I want to share with you now. 1. Definitions: For standard board, it is the combination of bare board and components on it. While for bare board PCB, it is called printed wiringboard. We usually call it PWB. (1) Traces: The base material […]

Printed Circuit Board History | Printed Wiring Board

The history of printed circuit board, wiring board and PCB all describe a device that provides electrical interconnections and a surface for mounting electronic components. Although ” wiring board” is more technically correct, the term “printed circuit board” (PCB) is most commonly used. The printed circuit board history begins with the first patents describing the […]

PCB Companies Add Rookie And A PCB Listed On The First Business Through

PCB companies add rookie and a PCB listed on the first business through! April 28, the Commission approved the statutory procedures for the 10 enterprises of the first application, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange 5, Shenzhen Stock Exchange small board 2, Shenzhen Stock Exchange 3, namely, Xiamen Hongxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jingrui Chemical […]


PCB Market Europe And The United States

Europe and the United States is weak, weak consumer demand for electronic products, the impact of the traditional PCB season, look forward to the second half of the year, Apple new models innovation, coupled with major brands to steal the end of the season, will continue to pour soft board, carrier board and HDI board […]

Pcb Manufacturing Processing

1,Cut the material by cutting machine like this : 2,Drilling of pcb manufacturing—the first drilling to make all the plated through holes : 3,Planel plating ,make the holes drilled at step2 and the whole panel have copper 4,Place the dry film(photosensitive material) on the board by this kind of machine. Then Use some software (protel99 […]

Quick Detection Of PCB Board Failure Problem Method

Quick detection of PCB board failure problem method PCB board is not a simple process to do the board, drill holes on the components like. PCB production is not difficult, it is difficult to produce after the completion of the troubleshooting. Whether it is personal enthusiasts or industry engineers, PCB circuit board in the debugging […]

LED Chip Offer Pick Up? Crystal Electricity: Just Stabilized Flat

For foreign investment, Crystal said that the price is not a comprehensive product prices are space, especially in China’s wafer plant continues to open new capacity under the circumstances, because China is the world 90% of LED lighting manufacturing, LED lighting chip prices just no longer crash, showing flat down, but as long as the […]